Thursday, September 23, 2010

American League Cy Young Prediction

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Let's start with who will not win the Cy Young. Carl Pavano. He is having an impressive year at 17-11 with a 3.60 era in Minnesota. Baseball writers would be afraid that Yankee fans would shoot Carl on site, for having been the worst dog in franchise history. To have been with the team for like 5 years and never actually play. He is another Kenny Rogers cannot play in a large market. He really wasn't a legitimate candidate, but I needed to get that dig in.
The most impressive pitcher of the bunch with the best stuff is Felix Hernandez of Seattle. I saw him shut the Yankees out 6-0 at Yankee Stadium, with an outing reminiscent of Pedro Martinez or a young Dwight Gooden. He is electric and may be the best pitcher in baseball for years to come, but not just yet. A 12-11 record does not make one the MVP of pitchers which is the Cy Young award. Cy Young was known for his wins above all else and Hernandez, just does not have them. An ERA title is not always synynmous with Cy Young. You have to have wins as a starter and be a workhorse.
Clay Buchholz of Boston has an impressive Era, 2.39 and a nice win record 16-7, but he does not have the innings pitched only 165; coupled with the fact that Boston is a distant third in the American League East. Jon Lester of Boston? Stats similar to Buchholz, but Boston is not going anywhere. Trevor Cahill of Oakland, yea they are in a tight pennant race. That leaves David Price of the Devil Rays and C.C. Sabathia of the Yankees. Sabathia has three more wins and has been the workhorse of the contenders, while Price has a better ERA. Both Tampa and NY are still neck and neck in the pennant race with the Yankees leading by a game and a half. In their last head to head match up, it was a draw with neither pitcher giving up a run in Tampa. Fittingly, Sabathia and Price match up again tomorrow night at Yankee stadium with the division title within the grasp of the Yankees. Whoever wins this matchup should walk off with the Cy Young award. Let's Play ball.

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