Sunday, October 3, 2010

Detroit Lions and Victim Consciousness
I sat here and watch the Lions outplay the Packers and then lose by 2 points. It is not that this team can get a break, it is that they actively do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong moment. Let's forget the dumb-ass penalties and the unforced turnovers. Let's take Shaun Hill who had an excellent game, he threw for 331 yards and 2 touchdowns, but when it came down to a chance to score in the Red zone in the 4th quarter, Hill chose to throw the ball rather than run in it for a Touchdown. This is a function of victim psychology. The Bears are 4-0 only because the Lions threw away the first game as a result of a bad call by the ref, but the truth is that game, they outplayed the Bears and it was only turnovers and penalties that did them in.
It’s our job to get over the hump. We’re right on it, we just can’t get over the hump.” Jim Schwartz Lions Coach It is my prediction that the Lions are going to upset quite a few top tier teams this year when Stafford gets back, they need his positive frame of mind. Stafford is a leader and Hill has not shown that quality up to this point; although he is a very competent quarterback. You could almost say that the Lions fans themselves are the liability here.
They expect their team to fail, they are great at creating self-fulfilling prophecies. This team is a lot better than their 0-4 record represents. I would even say that they still have an outside shot at the playoffs this year. Green Bay did not impress me that much, nor do the Vikings with creaky old Favre, who is one hit away from the nursing home eating gerber food.

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