Sunday, September 19, 2010

Will "T-Magic" Taylor Martinez lead Nebraska to National Championship?

Taylor Martinez reminds me of a young Michael Jordan or a Joe Montana. He has that cool presence under pressure that Montana had. He has all the tools as good a running Quarterback this side of Michigan's Denard Robinson and potentially solid passer as the best of the A-list, such as Jake Locker of Washington or Boise State's Kellen Moore. Al McGuire the former Marquette coach said when watching Michael Jordan as a freshman for North Carolina that he was going to be the best Basketball player ever. Martinez already has a nickname T-Magic and it is fitting as watching him is like watching any of the greats. The amazing part is that he will get better, much better and I am going to predict that you will see a BCS title game against Alabama, who is the Nebraska of 1995. Nebraska on the defensive side has an excellent pass defense having destroyed two top-tier Quarterbacks in the last two weeks in Idaho's NFL bound Nathan Enderle who threw 5 interceptions and was removed from the game. Washington's Jake Locker did not fare much better 4-20, 79 yards and 2 interceptions with a third called back because of a marginal holding penalty on Nebraska side. Locker has been projected to be a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft. Locker may be a good NFL quarterback, but what you may be witnessing with Nebraska is the development of one of the best passing defenses ever.
Taylor Martinez has thrown his hat in the ring as a potential Heisman trophy candidate. Certainly at this point Denard Robinson is the leader with an unbelievable display at Notre Dame, but for him to hold up the entire season and carry Michigan on his back may cause a late season breakdown. Martinez does not have that problem as he plays within a system that has many weapons. Coach Bo Pelini is the real secret to Nebraska's success where he turned a porous defensive squad into the number one defensive team in college football. His defense has gotten better from game to game. Expect this defense too get even better, and with the return of Will Compton within three weeks; their run defense should improve. My prediction is that Nebraska will beat Alabama in a title game in a role reversal of the 1984 Orange Bowl, where the heavily favored Cornhuskers were upset by the upstart Miami Hurricanes with the Pro-set offense. The superior skills of Bo Pelini and the magic of Taylor Martinez will be the difference. In the final game against Georgetown, Michael Jordan hit the winning shot to win the NCAA title game. I believe that we have the same type of player with Martinez who wears the number of the great Bambino who was probably the most magical player of all-time.

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